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  • Of running your business in feast-or-famine cycles

  • Of not being certain when your next paycheck will be

  • Of never having the money when you need it

  • Of feeling like your business is never going to make your dreams come true

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You started your business for something different...

You wanted to free yourself from a draining 9-5 life, be able to work from home and have control over your time again.

And you wanted to experience the financial freedom of running an online business that everyone was talking about...


Katie Scott Financial Coach for Digital Entrepreneurs

Hey there, my name is Katie!

In 2018, I left an accounting career that explicitly asked me to put my job before family - which sent me racing towards a new mission that both fills me with purpose and gives me the freedom to use my time for what (and who) matters most.

Now, I coach digital business owners through the financial uncertainties of entrepreneurship to help them achieve the same goal.

Together, we'll work to stabilize your budgets and design a business that brings financial security, not financial stress.

I can't wait to get started!


❌ You struggle to make progress with your money goals

❌ You never seem to have the money you need when you need it

❌ You're afraid your business can't financially support you or your family


💎 You have a plan that gives you hope for a different future with your money

💎 Your budget is stable, your paycheck consistent, your finances secure

💎 You have a profitable business bringing you ever closer to your dreams


3-month experience

“Having someone like Katie - someone as smart, witty & authentic - work with me and teach me ways to track my finances, manage my finances and actually feel good about my finances, now that's an investment worth making! Honestly, Katie made me feel so at ease with everything throughout our call… She's like a best friend & that's not something you can find just anywhere.”

~ Elley | Business Coach


This is a 1:1 deep-dive coaching program designed to change your life.

We'll work together to identify your biggest money hurdles, transform your financial habits, create a budget that works, and make a plan that brings you closer to your dream lifestyle.

The 3-Month Experience is personalized entirely to your needs, but we can tackle it all:

  • Figure out where your money comes from and, more importantly, where it's been going

  • Call out your biggest money fears, anxieties, and mental blocks so you can heal & overcome

  • Declutter your life and business so you can focus on what matters most

  • Create a budget that actually works for YOUR life and business so you can be intentional with your money

  • Set your priorities so you can maximize the effectiveness of your money and make exponential progress with your savings and debt payoff goals

  • Define your long-term dreams so we can create a plan to get you there faster

  • Design a detailed revenue plan for a business that serves you (not the other way around)

  • & more!

3-month experience

Here's what you'll get:

9 calls over 3 months via ZoomUnlimited email and/or voice messaging supportDetailed call notes after every session (recordings upon request)1 FREE YEAR of YNAB, if you choose to use it as your budgeting tool (after a free trial)Additional resources, notes, & analyses as needed to support you in your journey!

3-month experience

What's the investment?

In addition to your commitment and hard work, your investment in this program will be $1,000 USD, paid in full (save $100!).

If one of your struggles is cash flow, you can divide this up over the months of the program!

Additional payment options include:

- 4 monthly payments of $290 USD
- 3 monthly payments of $375 USD
- 2 monthly payments of $550 USD

I am wholeheartedly committed to helping you earn back your investment as soon as possible! Often, we can do it within the first 1-2 months of working together!



  • You're a digital entrepreneur pursuing true time freedom

  • You know that the key to the life of your dreams is through financial independence

  • Your business is earning money, even a small amount, but it's time to really start leveraging its cash flow

  • You're done accepting the way things are with your money and you're ready to change your definition of normal


CLIENT K and I began working together in April 2019.

At the start, she was making a full-time income at her day job AND a separate nearly full-time income in her business, but she was still living paycheck-to-paycheck. One paycheck of the month would go entirely to her bills and she relied on a monthly salary advance loan to pay for food and necessities until her next check (which would also have to pay back the advance). Then, the cycle would continue with the next check going back to bills. While her business revenue thrived, the money would somehow disappear and she couldn't rely on it to support her personal finances.

She was overworked, overwhelmed, and afraid.

By October 2019 (7 months!), CLIENT K:

  • Stopped her monthly salary advance loan and reclaimed her paychecks

  • Broke out of her paycheck-to-paycheck cycle and now funds her bills weeks in advance

  • Saved a $1,000 emergency fund

  • Paid off 4 debts totaling over $8.3k

  • Has streamlined her business operations and learned to manage her cash flow more intentionally - and thus has a $500 business emergency fund, an entire paycheck+ set aside for personal use as needed, and has fully funded her projected tax liability for the year

  • Conquered her aversion to budgeting and tracking her finances - where she used to rely on me to tell her the numbers, she now sends me the latest figures!

Currently, she's cash flowing over $3k in "unexpected" expenses and will have her emergency fund replenished shortly.

By this summer, she'll pay off the final $8.1k and begin building up her 6-month emergency fund so she can finally leave her day job and dedicate her full schedule to her family and her business!

Based on savings and debt payoff to date, CLIENT K has an approximate return on her coaching investment of...



Q: Does this help me with business or personal finance?
A: Both! We'll find the balance that works best for your situation, but I believe that we have to address both sides of the equation to be successful.

Q: Do you offer help with bookkeeping?
A: Despite my accounting background, I no longer provide accounting and bookkeeping-related services. Feel free to email me for referrals if you're looking to outsource bookkeeping. I also have a DIY Bookkeeper Masterclass available for purchase.

Q: Will you teach me how to improve my credit score?
A: As a proponent of debt-free living, I do not teach "debt leveraging" strategies and never encourage the intentional acquisition of debt outside of a mortgage. I do believe that "Credit-Free Living" is a lifestyle commitment and a personal choice that not everyone will make, so if you choose to still utilize a credit card, I will help you create a system so you can make all future payments.

Q: How long will it take for me to see results?
A: This depends on you and your circumstances! Most new budget practices take at least 3 months to level out. And everyone's financial plans will look different, based on your starting point and how aggressively you pursue your goals. I can't promise results by a certain time, but I can promise that, when you implement the changes I teach you, you will see results.

(The budgeting tool I recommend, YNAB, alone reports that most users save an average of $600 by Month 2 and $6,000 in Year 1!)


3-month experience

“I’ve been running my own business for nearly a decade, but business finance has always been something that’s really scared me! But I eventually realised that this confusion about money and finances was becoming a huge success-limiter.

So when Katie first offered her coaching, I snapped up the opportunity. She helped me to set some clear financial goals for my business and to put processes in place to realise those goals.

And I think most importantly, her calm and friendly character, combined with her thorough and practical approach to business finance, has made me feel a whole lot less fearful about managing my finances.”

~ Shelley | Launch Strategist

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Katie Scott Financial Coach for Digital Entrepreneurs

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